Methods & Philosophy

Joyful Pet Training's mission is to educate and communicate the basic philosophy of positive reinforcement training for all pets.

By translating basics learning theory into an easy to understand language, Maggie teaches clients how to solve all the day-to-day issues of pet ownership using exclusively positive reinforcements - no spike collars, electric shocks, or punishment.

Positive reinforcement is a modern, humane and compassionate science-based method of training animals that builds happy, cooperative relationships! Maggie teaches all parties the right thing to do: Companion animals learn to trust and cooperate with their human companions, and owners learn to be their own pet trainer Maggie rejects outdated punishment-based training, which creates confusion, fear and distrust - a poor beginning for any relationship. Maggie is committed to early education and socialization. Managing relationships with our pets begins from the day they come home with us. The early months are crucial; it is the time we can create our perfect, happy, healthy, and well-behaved pet using humane and fun techniques.

Because behavioral issues are cited as the number one reason for the relinquishment of canine companions to shelters, Joyful Pet Training is committed to early puppy training using Dr. Ian Dunbar's Sirius Puppy Training techniques.

And for owners of rescue dogs, Maggie is happy to provides flexible financial arrangements to help ensure a happy household.

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