Maggie has an excellent rapport with both people and animals. She is reliable, quite knowledgeable about dogs and a superb trainer.Now, as a result of our lessons, Leo is truly a delightful pet to have as my companion.

-Lorraine R.

Maggie worked with me for five weeks and truly transformed my relationship with my eight-month-old golden retriever, Rufus. I had been at my wits' end with his fighting the leash on walks, jumping up, nipping at my hands and clothes, etc. Within one session, Maggie had him happily and calmly trotting by my side and sitting immediately on command.

In the days that followed this breakthrough, people passing by more than once stopped to remark on what a well behaved dog he was.

Maggie and I built on that foundation with recalls, down-stays, and teaching Rufus to look me in the eye when I told him to, to allow us to quickly get past any distraction on the street or park.

Maggie loves animals and has a warmth and kindness that wins their trust immediately. She is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, and always recommends techniques and equipments that are both effective and humane. Subtly and patiently, she trains people too, because a consistent and knowledgeable owner is of course key to a well-behaved dog.

-Mimi H.

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