Maggie Wood is an excellent trainer. Maggie has experience with young puppies to older dogs with behavioral issues. Prevention of behavioral issues is avoided by working with Maggie while dogs are young.

-Karen Cantor, DVM Westside Veterinary Center

I hadn't expected to fall madly in love with my foster dog Jay, but there he was, with his big brown eyes, floppy ears, and entertaining antics. However, I also discovered that I did not know what to do with a 100 lb. dog with anxiety, health problems, and no training. In fact, I did not even know how much I did not know.

On Maggie's first visit she helped me with everything from setting up his new environment to choosing his food, in addition to behavior modification, training, exercise, and how to deal with his anxiety. This was the first step in building a firm foundation for me and my new dog, who now weighs a healthy 85 lbs.

Her feedback gave me the tools and confidence I needed to finally adopt my foster dog. With many thanks to Maggie, I feel that I learned how to be a better dog owner and now have a wonderful relationship with my happy, healthy, and adorable dog.

-Lori A.

I am a senior citizen, who recently became a dog owner for the first time last year to Leo, now 15 months old. I knew I had a lot to learn and so did Leo. We struggled for many months, and then Maggie Wood came into our lives. She is so special and has taught Leo, as well as me a great deal.

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