About Maggie

A few of Maggie's Accomplishments and Credentials:

  • Certified as a trainer with the Association of American Pet Dog Trainers, Maggie scored 100% in all sections of the certification process, ethology, training techniques and behavior.
  • A former member of the Animal Behavior Center at the ASPCA in New York City, Maggie can be seen on Animal Planet's series Animal Precinct exploring dog and cat issues with a unique blend of knowledge, compassion and humor.
  • A skilled rider and show jumper, Maggie coached Columbia University's fledgling equestrian team.
  • Working with the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Central Park Zoo, Maggie designed and implemented an enrichment program for river otters to reduce stress in a captive environment.
  • Maggie believes in lifelong education: she trained as a nurse at St. Mary's Hospital in London, graduated cum laude from Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in psychology, and is a graduate student in the Master's program in animal behavior and conservation at Hunter College.

A native of England, Maggie has been an animal trainer since the age of 6, when she bartered to train the stable owner's dogs in exchange for riding lessons! A childhood surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, ducks and donkeys led to a love and intuitive understanding of animals that has made Maggie one of the most beloved trainers and animal behaviorists in New York City.

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